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3 possible reasons you always feel tired

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     Sleep apnea. This condition often goes unnoticed and is accompanied by snoring. People who suffer from this condition usually snore loudly, only this one is different from the other. In sleep apnea, breathing will stop for a few seconds while you sleep. What happens is that since not enough oxygen enters the body, although you may not realize it, you do not get enough rest because oxygen oxygenates the body and, in part, that is why you are tired during the day.

There are structures in the human brain that detect that you have stopped receiving oxygen and send an emergency signal to the body to “seek air” and will stimulate you to breathe deeply. When this problem occurs, your body will take you out of the depths of sleep so that you can react. Who can rest like that? If you sleep with your partner, ask him to notice when he snores and tell you if he notices that at some point you stop breathing (if you are unsure or if there are doubts, the only way to detect him is with a sleep study). To alleviate this problem, go to your doctor to find a solution, especially if you are overweight.

Depression is another cause of restless sleep. People need to be aware that depression in men has different symptoms than in women. In women, it is usually manifested by sadness, guilt, or low self-esteem. Instead, men become more irritable, have trouble sleeping, and maybe overworked and busy, may also have headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic pain. Other symptoms of depression may be constant fatigue and a desire to do daily chores. The first step in being well is recognizing the existence of a problem and/or recognizing the problem in order to act.

Hypothyroidism is the latest cause of fatigue in this article and occurs when the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone, which is related to metabolism. When it falls, it can cause sleepiness and fatigue, among other symptoms. This condition is very difficult to detect, so you will need specialized medical help. If you always feel tired even if you sleep well and it is not one of the above causes, consult your doctor. With a simple blood test, you can determine if your thyroid is working properly (because thyroid hormone levels will be low if you have hypothyroidism, which is very easy to control). Hypersomnia is manifested by continuous fatigue, and this condition is not common, unlike the first three that occur very often and often go unnoticed.