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Daily skin cleaning

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A beautiful and clean skin not only consists of cleansing the skin but also in moisturizing the areas of the face and neck, with natural products or conventional cosmetics. If you cannot afford to go to an esthetician’s office to do a thorough skin cleansing, I recommend you do a homemade facial cleanser because it is very simple and easy.

To prepare this recipe, you only need an hour and a half, kitchenware, a few towels and natural ingredients that you can buy from the supermarket or you can find in the fridge. Before you begin this process, you need to know what kind of epidermis you have, because you need to know what kind of products can harm you and you can avoid them.

Skin types are very important, and because of this, you have to pay attention to the products you want to use.

     The skin types are of 4 types, these are:

  • dry skin is the one that suffers from the loss of hydration, and because of this does not produce a sufficient protective layer of fat. The fat layer has the role of avoiding the water deficit. Skin cleansing is essential for the full absorption of the benefits of the moisturizer.
  • normal skin. It bears this name because it does not lack hydration. If you use improper cleaning or moisturizing products, you may cause an imbalance. This imbalance can cause your skin to produce more fat than necessary.
  • mixed skin may lack hydration. You can lead to excess fat production to alleviate this deficit.
  • fatty feet are the ones that produce sebum frequently, regardless of their hydration. They usually have blackheads and pimples.

Good face cleansing can be done twice a week or when we have an event. To have beautiful and clean skin we must clean our skin every day to get rid of the accumulated impurities.

If you cannot afford to go to a salon, you can do a skin cleansing with natural products. We often have these products in our kitchen:

  • cucumber-based makeup remover is suitable for normal people. To begin this operation, you will need cucumbers and water. Apply this recipe for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with plenty of hot water.
  • if your skin is dry, I recommend a chamomile cleanser. In preparing this recipe you will need: one tablespoon of flowers from this medicinal plant, three tablespoons of sunflower oil and many more of olives, then crush the plants and gradually add the fat. After mixing, put a thin layer on the skin and wait for it to dry, then remove it with warm water.
  • if you have mixed or oily skin, I recommend the milk and oatmeal cleanser. In their composition you must add: 2 tablespoons oat powder and a cup of fresh milk, then mix to create a uniform dough. To stretch it you need a brush, and after 15 minutes you can remove it from the face with warm water.

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