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Fat burner classes

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These are products that have the role of accelerating human metabolism, so that fat “burns” faster, so that weight loss occurs as quickly as possible. Supplements like this are meant to shed extra pounds without costing us too much effort.

Nowadays there are many types of fat burners on the market, which is why I recommend you to be very careful before consuming these products, as some of them are less recommended and more or less efficient.

     The most effective fat burner classes are:

  • Lipotropic fat burners:

– these are light substances that force the body to use “fuel” instead of storing them.

– of these, L-carnitine (an amino acid), Inositol and choline (group B nutrients), lecithin, chromium picolinate, and CLA or conjugated linoleic acid.

  • Thermogenic fat burners:

– represents the nutrients with the role of activating or improving the basal human metabolism. With these, you will be able to indirectly use fat as a “fuel”.

– among the burners of thermogenic fat, I have Guarana, bitter orange, green tea, maté, seaweed, caffeine, and cocoa extracts.

  • Fat burners that improve insulin:

– their role is to help insulin effectiveness. It is responsible for the metabolism of hydrates and fats.

– among the insulin enhancers, the chromium picolinate is distinguished

  • Antilipogenic fat burners:

– their role is to make it difficult for the human body to store unnecessary products of body fat.

– anti-lipogenic fat burners can be found in the plant that bears the name of Garcinia Cambogia.

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