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Hair loss due to stress

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    This problem, which occurs due to stress, is also called hair loss. It occurs both due to stress and anxiety or a state of depression. In these cases, the body, faced with a strong agitation of the nervous system, reacts by letting the hair fall out.

This is a temporary symptom that manifests itself suddenly and very visibly, but once the problem that causes it is overcome, in this case, the stress or any of the imbalances mentioned above will increase normally again.

People should know that hair loss due to stress is not worrying because it will grow again, but when you notice this problem, I recommend that you go to a specialist to rule out a basic autoimmune disease.

In this case, the capillary exit should be facilitated with topical products. If there are no other problems, forget about any recommendations for topical use, as your hair will continue to fall out until you treat stress.

     People also need to consider functional issues such as:

  • Avoid gums and foams.
  • If your hair will lose a lot of hair, you must brush it and comb it very carefully, without pulling it.
  • Use easy-to-slide brushes and combs.
  • And last but not least, buy care products that are less aggressive to your hair.

To get rid of this problem, people need to eliminate the problem from their lives, not the symptom. To do this, try to withdraw as much as possible from stressful situations. If you can’t do this, learn to control it, and deal with different situations.

People should not be ashamed to ask for help from outside, turn to trained professionals to teach you how to manage stress, experiment with relaxation techniques, make time for activities that satisfy you and disconnect you from stress. A very underrated tool increases the number of things that satisfy you and not just focus on those that do not.

To eliminate this condition you also need a very good diet. The diet should include fresh vegetables with a predominance of fish over meat, low in fat, sugar, processed products, and red meat and without alcohol or tobacco or at least. Their role is to help you eliminate or reduce daily stress and, of course, not only to prevent hair loss but also to promote hair growth again.