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Homemade facial cleansing step by step

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In this article, I will explain as clearly as possible what steps you will have to take, so you can perform a good and healthy home facial cleansing because you can see that it is not so complicated and the results are worth it. You must consider the following tips:

  • washed. First of all, it is necessary to remove all the dirt from the face, as this is a very important step, then use a neutral soap, recommended to be natural. The natural soaps you can use can be made with calendula or glycerin.

As soon as you get rid of your face makeup and other impurities, apply a tonic that you can easily prepare with a bitter chamomile infusion and a few drops of lemon. This ointment is meant to spray in the future, and if you want extra brightness of the face, add an infusion of green tea.

  • exfoliating. This recipe contains several tablespoons of plain yogurt, sugar-free and as many cereals. After mixing these ingredients, you can apply it on the face and perform a circular massage from the chin to the forehead. It has the role to solve the most problematic areas. These are nose, chin or cheeks. Five minutes will be sufficient before removing this product.
  • open and clean pores. Pore ​​cleansing is very important, so while you are exfoliating, you can boil some water. After the water boils, add a few leaves of lime, roses or lavender to the water, as these serve to soothe, nourish or clear the face.
  • masks and relaxing time. You can prepare a mask for soothing the face. This mask should contain half an avocado, a few tablespoons of yogurt and a few drops of lemon. After mixing these ingredients, leave it for at least half an hour before removing and reapplying a few drops of tonic. After removing this mask, you will feel a much cleaner, shiny skin.
  • hydration. It is very important not to forget to complete the operation with natural cream and sunscreen if you live in a southern area. It is advisable to consider this advice a few hours before leaving or preparing to leave. After hydration, the skin will be much more rejuvenated and beautiful.

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