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Kidney pain remedies

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This problem can occur due to the following: kidney stones, kidney failure, infections, cancer.

Kidney stones occur due to materials that accumulate in the body and are deposited in the kidneys or urinary tract. These stones, when urinating, are accompanied by the blood that is not often seen with the naked eye and pain in the back or groin area.

In addition to these problems, kidney stones can also lead to nephritic colic, as long as the stones are larger than normal and are deposited inside. If the stones are small enough, they will pass through the urinary system without causing pain.

The most common symptoms in people with this problem occur in the lower back, more or less in the lower back. You may experience very or less severe pain, depending on how severe it is. The pain is quite intermittent, but often these symptoms may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and a dark color in the urine. In some cases, kidney pain can be confused with low back pain or low back pain.

     The natural remedies for kidney pain are:

  • Chamomile tea. It is done as follows: put 4 tablespoons of chamomile and boil them for 5 minutes in half a liter of water. After these minutes, turn off the heat and let them rest for about two minutes, no more, so as not to lose heart. At the end of these two minutes, take a cloth or handkerchief, soak it in the mixture, and put it in the kidney area. When the cloth loses heat, remove it.
  • Nettle tea. It is prepared as follows: put a tablespoon of nettles in a cup of boiling water and leave there for 10 minutes. After the expiration of these minutes it passes and is ready to drink. The role of these nettles is to help the bacteria and crystals in our kidneys to disappear.
  • Boldo, rosemary, and chamomile tea. We will add a tablespoon of each mentioned plant to a liter of boiling water. We’ll let it sit and strain. Taking three or four traces of this tea will help relieve pain and deflate the area.