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Permanent hair removal

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Permanent hair removal is the best option for many women who are fighting against unwanted hair. This is the method that helps women get rid of the hair from different areas of the body and face, preventing it from growing again. The various permanent hair removal systems gradually eradicate the hair until it almost disappears.

Say goodbye to hair with permanent hair removal

The efficiency of the final hair removal, varies according to several terms. These are: the type of hair, personal characteristics, hormonal factors, sex, etc. For the most part, hair growth is very closely linked to hormonal changes and personal characteristics.

To have results, you need to have several maintenance sessions. Nowadays there are several variants of permanent hair removal, differing from person to person.

Types of permanent hair removal

IPL pulsed light. In using this type of hair removal (epilation), a polychromatic beam of light is used that moves in several directions. This movement has the role of covering large areas of the skin. It is much better for eradicating male hair and hair of different sizes. You can use it with great confidence on light skin, never tanned. In order to benefit from clearer results, it must be applied in winter, as it can sensitize the skin. In order to remove approximately 79% of the hair, it is recommended to make between 3-5 sessions.

Lasers. This method of hair removal is done by removing the hair by selective thermolysis that is performed only on the hair follicles, because the light emitted by the laser is a single color, in which the photons travel at the same wavelength and move in a straight line.

Laser Sopran. This method is the most used by people,due to its high hair removal efficiency. Sopranos laser is a pain-free method and eliminates unwanted hair through high repetitive pulses of energy. In accelerating this hair removal, a very important role in the head of the device, because it can be passed several times through the same area of ​​the body. It is one of the most suitable depilatory systems for hair removal on brown or tan skin. In the case of white skin, the results are not quite as visible. Hair falls after 10 days of application.

Diode laser. Due to the pain caused by it, it is very little used by men, but it is quite effective in male hair and brown skin up to photo-type VI, it is not recommended for sensitive skin. Diode with long pulses, has results in the case of tanned and brown skin with thick and deep hair.

Laser Alexandrite. It is a skin depilatory system that starts from photo-type I to IV, with thick, dark, superficial and even residual hair. This type of system can be adapted to the conditions of the case, for example, the short pulse is used for the superficial hair and sensitive skin of the photo-type I to II, as well as for the residual veils of the photo-type III-IV. The Alexandrite long pulse laser is best recommended for delicate and irregular areas, such as: toes and hands, upper lip, feet, groin and armpits.

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