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The role of a healthy diet in menstrual pain

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Although not many people know, diet is very important in natural remedies for menstrual pain. In this article, I will recommend some tips. These are:

  • Menstrual pain can be caused by a hormonal alteration, and to replace this estrogen modification, I recommend finding phytoestrogens. They are found in the following foods: whole grains, red clover, apple with skin, plums, raisins, and currants.
  • As much as you can, try not to consume xenoestrogens, as these are chemical compounds derived from petroleum. The role of xenoestrogens is to limit the effect of biological estrogens. They cause women: premenstrual syndrome, fluid retention, irritability, endometriosis, which is also linked to breast cancer.
  • Refined sugars should be eliminated from your diet because they cause insulin overload. This overload results in the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins.
  • The food made from fatty fish (blue) and flaxseed oil is very good, as it has a large reserve of w3.
  • Margarine should be taken out of your life
  • Red meat is not recommended by specialists, because it has a high content of arachidonic oil in its composition. This oil promotes inflammation of prostaglandins.
  • The pain will be greater if you drink coffee during menstruation.
  • A diet low in DAO (Diamino Oxidase) can also cause pain and improper menstruation, so the following foods will be limited: gluten, seafood, citrus fruits, chocolate, dried fruits, spinach, tomatoes, peel, cheese (except fresh), nightshades, eggs, and egg whites.

Other effective therapies for menstrual pain are:

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