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Sex: a great ally for the good health of women

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Women and sexual life – Sex has proven to be healthy and important even for menopausal women, and female sexuality is often considered to be more important at some point in life. Some researchers have shown that sexual satisfaction is directly associated with greater overall well-being and vitality in all stages of women, before or after menopause. They considered the frequency of sexual encounters considered satisfactory by a group of women between the ages of 21 and 64. Many women enjoy active sex life but are not satisfied with it.

When talking to dissatisfied women, they noticed that sexual problems were concentrated in the absence of desire and interest or in the loss of joy and pleasure. Those who enjoyed a good sex life showed greater vitality and well-being.

Good sex life has many benefits for human health. It helps you stay fit and is a good alternative to burning calories. In 30 minutes of sex, you can burn 85 calories or more.

     The health benefits of sex include:

  • Has the role of reducing stress, because when you enjoy an orgasm you will release large amounts of oxytocin hormone and at the same time increase the production of endorphin (a hormone known to improve your mood).
  • In addition to the benefit above, sex controls pain. For example, a headache. This is eliminated because the body releases oxytocin and increases endorphins, causing pain to decrease.
  • Increase your defense. The specialists have shown that due to the exchange of bacteria during sex, the development of antibodies and the activity of the body’s defense system increases.
  • urine is more controlled because with sex you will strengthen the pelvic muscles.
  • And last but not least, sex will help you sleep much better because of the release of oxytocin.

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