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Tips to relieve bunions

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    This condition is described as swelling on the inside of the foot, near the big toe. When these swellings appear, the thumb comes to rest on the other toe instead of looking as it should before. The bunions grow progressively, causing increased bone prominence and the inclination of the thumb.

     There are also so-called tailor’s eyelets, which are swellings on the little toes. Tailor spark plugs are less common than regular spark plugs, but can be just as annoying and painful.

     Let’s find out why there are some tips to ease the masters who can help us if we suffer from this problem.

     The main factor in this problem is due to his genetic inheritance, because 63% of people with skin have a family history. It is also true that petticoats are suffered more by women than men, for every ten women with petticoats there is only one man who has them.

     Another factor is because of the shoes, because people wear shoes that do not fit the needs of the feet, and they help the appearance of the skin.

     High heels and pointed shoes are also responsible for the appearance of skirts.

     How do you know you are suffering from this condition? In many cases they do not appear on both legs, they can appear in one and if they exist in both they must not have the same evolution. When they start to increase in size, you will feel a real discomfort, thinking that it is the bone that grows in an inadequate way. As long as the masters continue to grow, the discomfort will not disappear, although in some cases it is possible to does not appear.

     If you notice pain, swelling, itching in the area, pimples may occur and you should consult a specialist.

     If they are very large and cause a lot of discomfort, surgery is the only solution. This surgery involves cutting the bone and releasing the compressed soft tissue.

     People should keep in mind that surgery is not recommended for teenagers, because in order to practice it, the masters must be fully developed, otherwise the masters may reappear.

     Can they be prevented?

     As I have already said, some insults arise from genetic causes, others from footwear.

     We need to follow the evolution of the masters and take a series of measures that can help us relieve the pain, but we must keep in mind that the masters will not disappear if it is not a surgical intervention.