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Benefits of yoga for pregnant women and their baby

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To become a mother, you will need an extraordinary amount of physical and emotional strength. To benefit from all this you will need confidence, patience, and awareness.

The ancient practice of yoga is, without a doubt, excellent preparation for motherhood. In this article I will tell you a list of benefits of yoga for pregnant women, to motivate you to start practicing as soon as possible. These are:

  • Yoga increases strength. The main benefit of this sport for pregnant women is that it makes you strong everywhere. And you will need a lot less body strength to support the extra weight of the pregnancy and to compensate for the balance that is lost by pushing the baby in the womb. In addition, women will need more strength in the upper body to carry your baby after birth.
  • Yoga helps relieve pain. Many women complain of back pain during pregnancy. This pain worsens as the pregnancy progresses. Prenatal yoga strengthens the muscles that support this weight, reducing the pressure on the lower back. Nowadays many women experience irritation of the sciatic nerve during pregnancy, a discomfort that can be improved with yoga exercises. To relieve this pain, try the Dove and Half Moon positions, as they will help you stretch this area, and reversals can help you make room in the pelvis to avoid irritation.
  • Yoga teaches you to breathe mind and the breath is very close and this becomes very evident in the practice of Yoga. Normally, the rate and depth of respiration is an unconscious mechanism governed by the brain. However, we can also exercise conscious control over the breath, and thus alter its rhythm. The result of slow, deep breathing is a calmed nervous system and a slowed heart rate. In addition, the muscles relax and the mind calms. Mothers can use this breathing technique at will to calm down and stay focused on their purpose during the wonderful time of bringing new life into the world. Breathing control is of great importance for the management of pain in labor and the birth of your baby, especially for women who decide to give up injections that reduce labor pain.
  • Yoga teaches you to be in balance. With the advancement of pregnancy, the female body will benefit from many changes. These changes will make women feel insecure and unconcentrated. Balanced asanas, such as The Tree Pose (Vriksasana) or The Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana), help women feel comfortable in their center of gravity. To strengthen your muscles to counteract the growing belly, I recommend using positions such as the Descending Dog or the Warrior.
  • Yoga for pregnant women helps you open your hips for childbirth. This sport does not only help to benefit from a stronger body. Once your pregnancy progresses, your practice can focus on preparing for birth. The positions that open the hips influence the good position of the baby, facilitating the birth.
  • Yoga relieves anxiety. To avoid anxiety, I recommend that you pay attention to breathing, calm environment, music, and relaxation. The advantage of this sport is to help you stop thinking about everything that is not happening NOW. Rest and relaxation will help you relieve anxiety before, during, and after the birth of your baby, making you fully enjoy that unique moment you are experiencing.